The exhibition generated a great deal of interest in Jarrolds Book Department and ten copies of the catalogue were sold. Yesterday we moved the books to their penultimate venue in the Norwich Cathedral Library.

The library is a fine series of rooms accessed from the Refectory extension which was designed by Michael Hopkins some years ago now. The use of glass as well as huge new oak beams make a glorious and seamless transition from the new through to the flint and stone of this most beautiful cathedral.

The two glass cases are against the wall in front of a window overlooking the cloister where two people were walking the stone maze as we set the books out.

The Librarian, Gudrun Warren, is a member of the Society of Bookbinders and has given the exhibition a great welcome – I am both grateful to her and delighted to have it here for the whole of August.

Here are two more of the bindings.

Peter Whiteley’s unusual and arresting binding uses quarter sawn oak to make the front half of a clinker built boat with the prow jutting out from the spine. The front cover features the Norfolk coastline in green goatskin looking out onto a blue-cloth North Sea. The wooden boat carrying the book’s title appears to be bobbing on a wave of dark blue leather.


Ray Newberry’s boldly designed leather-bound volume uses leather of different  colours to make the marsh, sand, sky and sea. They have been scarfed together before covering the book.
The cloud and the upturned tree stump of Sea Henge have been done with leather onlays and the whole book fits beautifully into a leather edged slipcase.