The exhibition is now moving round Norwich until the end of August. It has been at the Anteros Arts Foundation for the past two weeks and on Saturday 6th July we will deliver the glass cases to Jarrolds Department Store in preparation for setting it up in the book department on Monday afternoon.

Anteros occupies a beautiful medieval merchants house quite close to the Cathedral. The building was restored some years ago by Aude Gotto who achieved her aim of providing a venue for arts and music where everyone could feel welcome. Called, in those days, The King of Hearts the concerts were always affordable and the welcome warm. Aude nurtured many young musicians over the years including the now well-known Brooke Street Band who gave many performances of their arrangements of music by Handel and Bach there in the upstairs music room. The harpsichord used by the group was one of many built by her husband Alan Gotto.Ill health, however, made it difficult for her to continue and a buyer was eventually found who would continue to use it for the arts. It operates largely now as an arts centre under the name of Anteros, and offers diploma courses, day courses and workshops as well as putting on a constant turnover of exhibitions.

Here are two more of the bindings.



Gill Pickup’s very beautiful binding has been done with hand-dyed goatskin with a harbour scene composed from coloured leather onlays. The inside of the boards are also covered with leather, called doulblures, and the edges of the book are coloured with blue and gold pigment.



Michael Crawley’s binding in great contrast, is a witty and interactive piece of work. It is dedicated to the memory of a friend of Michaels who was a keen sailor, and is influenced by the styles of an Edwardian guide book and a fly fisherman’s wallet. The book is covered in a combination of canvas cloth and an old Ordnance Survey map of the Norfolk coast. A window cut through the front board reveals a pair of oystercatchers while a box attached to the back board contains items scavenged from the archives of the friend and if you fish around in it you will find a variety of items ranging from a recipe for kedgeree to a timetable for the London

River Boats. There is also a copy of the Order of Service for the funeral of Julian Ballantyne (1956 – 2014) with a fine photograph of him aboard his yacht.