Poster by Niki Medlik

I took the twenty bindings over to the Original Projects Gallery on Wednesday. This is a pop up gallery run by Kaavous Clayton who before coming to Yarmouth was curator at The Minories in Colchester. Like many people who know something of its past, he has an enthusiasm for Great yarmouth, which is suffering economically like so many of our coastal towns. Aside from the popular beach and seaside attractions there is a thriving community of artists here, and Kaavous is bringing his knowledge and experience to help to revitalise the community through the arts. The gallery is the building vacated by Marks and Spencer last year, and one end of it has been transformed with the use of screening and a lot of white paint, into a spacious, well lit and inviting venue. The books are sharing the exhibition with a show of Chinese art.

I drove out of Yarmouth leaving the vast expanse of Breydon Water behind, the mudflats now covered at high tide, and headed due west along the road which cuts a straight line acrossthe grazing marshes. Known to locals as the ‘Acle straight’, it gives you the feeling of being on a bridge, as the reclaimed marshland on either side is lower than the road itself. It always gives me a slight frisson of danger too, with the recent increase in number of tidal surges and memories of the 1953 flood still very much alive. But now with the late afternoon sun warming the colours under a covering of navy blue clouds to the north, the scene seemed timeless for a while – a Cotman painting come to life again.