Peter Whitely’s second binding is as equally interesting as his first one. Using wood again for the boards, but this time using the Coptic binding technique with exposed sewing.
The front cover shows the coast in black leather looking outwards to the ‘highway’ of the North Sea with the cartographer’s curves of latitude, the meridian and the longitude lines of one and two points east. More black leather onlays on the back board depict the silhouette of the old Baltic sailing ship the Albatros, which lies in Wells harbour, as she heads out at first light into the medullary-rayed oak sea. The edges of the book have been coloured in a sea-like blue to match the endpapers.

Peter Whiteley

Robert Newman has made an understated and delicately executed cross structure binding with thick textured paper in different shades of grey. The sewing in contrasting deep red is visible on the spine and moving the pull-out tabs which you can see on the right hand side of the image here, reveals the books title along with some images taken from the book.

Robert Newman