We are over halfway through the venues for the exhibition now and on Monday last week we set up the exhibition in the wonderful Book Department in Jarrolds store in Norwich where it will remain until the end of the month.

It has been received with great enthusiasm by Holly Ainley, the bookshop manager, and Lois, her assistant, lent her visual and spatial skills to make an eyecatching window display (sharing a space with Max Hastings no less) and display board in the area behind the books.

The glass cabinets got a resounding thumbs-down from Health and Safety, but they miraculously produced some perspex cubes of varying sizes and some small tables which rescued us from near disaster.

I will be giving an informal talk in the Department on Saturday 27th July – details to follow, or look on Jarrolds website.

Here are some photos.


Here are two more featured bindings. The first is by Troy Moore. The spine covering of this handsome book is made from hand-dyed leather which has been moulded to look like waves. The cover is made from cloth with a printed image made from first scanning one of Frances Frith’s maritime prints, then colour washing it digitally before printing directly onto cloth and finally adding further colour with Liquitex inks and blue paper foil. The pleasing sequence of endpapers were printed in a similar fashion and also used for the linings in the drop back box. If you look very carefully at the box linings, not shown here, you can just make out the ghostly image of a sailing ship.

The next binding is by Paul Garcia, who has bound the book in the ‘library style’ – a particularly strong construction which was intended for books destined for heavy use. The beautifully simple design of the North Norfolk coastline and sky has been painted and airbrushed onto the surface with leather dye, while the edges  of the book have ben coloured with acrylic paints. A nice final touch is the gold lettering down the spine.