Ships of Stone

Photograph of the 'Ships of Stone' Artwork

A pull-out accordion of monoprints inspired by the medieval ship graffiti of Norfolk churches. Bound in a wraparound Japanese box in grey cloth and fastened with a magnetic clasp.

Ships of Stone are handmade to order on commission. Please contact me to discuss requirements and time frames.


Drawings of Medieval ships scratched into stonework are found mainly, but not exclusively in some of our costal churches, and the four Glaven Valley churches of Blakeney, Wiveton, Salthouse and Cley in Norfolk have some fine examples. They are difficult to see now as the paint from the stone columns has long since disappeared, but at the time they would have stood out very clearly. They are generally dated by the type of ship that they depict.

These simple line drawings of between 12th and 16th century medieval ships are very beautiful and lend themselves well to being represented as monoprints. Making an organic connection with the hand of the person who first scratched these images of vessels for which they had first-hand knowledge, I am always inspired by the designs of old ships that have been long lost to history.