Birdflight Books

Photograph of Judith Ellis

The Birdflight series is my own development of the flag book and combines my own love of drawing with a life long interest in the natural world.

I am fascinated with birds. In my former life as a veterinary surgeon I often had to handle birds and was always moved by the lightness of their being. A bird’s bones are hollow, their feathers are hollow, they have air sacs beneath the skin as an extension of the lungs, and hardly seem to weigh anything in relation to their size.

It is as though a bird has only just materialised and lives only partly in this world.

On the opening of this book, a flight of birds emerge from paper folds and fly across a background of original prints by Judith Ellis into a free-form sculpture.

Six unique designs are available, with each individual piece being handmade, so please expect pieces to differ slightly from the photographs shown on this page as they are all individually hand painted and no two will ever be quite the same.

The Series





Oyster Catchers




Swifts over the Baltic


Swifts over roof tops


Gallery of the new Birdflight Book Designs