Learning about bookbinding opened up a new path for me. I was a vet for many years, taking early retirement, before embarking upon a second career in bookbinding. I went from repairing old books, to the designing and making of new ones and finally to teaching the skills of bookbinding.

In 2004 I was awarded joint first prize in the annual Designer Bookbinders competition, followed by a Highly Commended in the same event in 2007. I have exhibited with the Designer Bookbinders, London in 2005 2006 2007 2008 and 2009. My work is now more directed towards the artistic side of bookmaking and to teaching.

The Book Studio is not a commercial bindery. I am happy to help anyone who wants a special binding on a particular book or on one they are putting together themselves. I can also offer advice on where to get help for most binding projects – just email or give me a call.

Image of Judith Ellis working on book binding in the studio

Discover the Eastern Diversions Series…

The Eastern Diversions box set is now available to buy through some regional book retailers and via the Book Studio. Take a tour along the historic coastline of East Anglia and set sail to discover the hidden past of some of Britain’s most loved coastal communities. The series is now also available as a hand crafted box set.

Eastern Diversions 3 Book Box Set photo

Explore the history of maritime Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex as you have never seen them before individually or via a two or three volume box set.

From £16.50

Church and Sea

Ships of Stone brings to life the experiences of seafarers of the past. Discover the medieval graffiti that offer a first hand view of the relationship between Church and Sea from seafarers whose names have been lost to history.

Birdflight Books - Curlews Photo

The majesty of nature

Explore the range of Judith Ellis’ Birdflight Artists Books. Art that captures the natural wonder of the life of birds in an interactive, tactile, three dimensional format.

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